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I’m Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law. I’m a licensed attorney, but I am NOT your lawyer (unless I am…). This is a community built on central concepts of liberty and levity. If you’re here, I hope you’ll come to value both in equal measure. Discuss, debate, and create; this community belongs to the community.

I will tell stories, share discussions, and present opinions. I would like this to be your favorite place on social media, and a great area to share stories and discuss this silly world. Let’s do this.

Community Guidelines

This is your community.

Debate isn’t personal - unless it is.
Don’t post porn.
Don’t make any threats of violence.
Your words are free, and so are everyone else’s. I will not censor them, and mods will not censor them. That being said, your words are YOURS, and they attach to you.
I am not responsible for what you do or say on this page or anywhere else.

Enjoy freedom responsibly.

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